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Sustainability in Hospitality – A Commitment!

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At Costa Verde, and as a result of the integrated management system, CVIS – Costa Verde Integrated System, various areas of certification are brought together, such as Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Energy, Social Responsibility and Training. Decisions take into account the community in which it is included, and the environment in which it operates, while taking into account, in its operation, the respect for human rights, environmental protection, compliance with social standards, respect for ethical values and investment in personal development.

But sustainability also occupies a very important place in the hotel industry. In this article we’ll give you the main reasons why hoteliers are making sustainability a structuring pillar of their operations.

The preservation of the environment and the search for the best response to guest expectations are just some of the reasons why sustainability plays an important role. With regard to preserving the environment, we can point to the impact on the environment as the most obvious fact, largely due to the consumption of natural resources, the production of waste and carbon emissions. By adopting sustainable practices, hotels reduce their environmental impact, their footprint, promoting the conservation of resources such as water and energy, while minimising waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In terms of meeting customer expectations, it is clear that newer and younger guests are increasingly aware of environmental and social issues and are looking for accommodation solutions that reflect these same values. Reducing operating costs is also one of the reasons for adopting a sustainability-based strategy. Many sustainable practices, such as energy efficiency and effective waste management, can result in significant reductions in operating accommodation costs.

And what about the accommodation’s reputation and image? Adopting sustainable practices can improve a hotel’s reputation and brand image by demonstrating a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, thus resulting in greater guest loyalty as well as stronger business partnerships with companies and organisations valuing sustainability. But the main reason for adopting sustainable practices and strategies must be their contribution to sustainable development.

It must be realised that sustainability is essential for the hotel industry, not only as a response to the environmental and social challenges facing the world today, but also as an opportunity to improve competitiveness, while reducing operating costs and promoting local communities’ sustainable development.

(Image by vecstock on Freepik)

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