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Like an earth-carved work, the pieces reveal themselves in a beautiful and imperfect way. A collection aiming to awaken the senses, while being an alliance between different tactile experiences, which connect us with nature.


Developed by Costa Verdethe design of the Agma collection is a challenge to conventions, inspired by each of the elements that shape our senses: water, earth, fire, and air.

Agma Breeze

Inspired by the lightness provided to us by the element air, Breeze awakens the calm and tranquillity of Agma collection’s wavy reliefs, by uniting it, further and further, to the elements shaping our senses.

Agma Marino

Considered as the outcome of careful research and technical development by Costa Verde, Marino is a new approach to the application of coloured glaze, characterised by its irregularity and degrade effect.


A new approach in pure, translucent white porcelain, in contrast to a rough granite surface with a rocky aspect, carrying the porcelain to a new space, time and experience.

Saturno Coupe

Low, open, elegant. A collection developed so that each gastronomic creation is part of a sensory whole, with a special focus on plating.


The farm to table line from Costa Verde starts from the concepts closest to stoneware, to develop exceptional pieces with the softness, delicacy, and elegance of porcelain.


The softness of the relief in this collection is inspired by Zen gardens and the sense of balance that they convey to us.

Moods Collections


Developed through the Nordika collection, Hopeful offers you the opportunity to create light, balanced and soulful dishes. Perfect to enjoy good moments, provided by nature.


A collection designed thinking of you and the ability to provide you with calm and peaceful moments. Allow yourself to be daring at your plating, through the traditional whiteness of porcelain, combined with the subtle touch of reactive blue, on the edge.  


Born from the romance between white and black, Neutral symbolizes seriousness and strength. Its matt grey glaze allows you to create harmonious, balanced dishes with a personality of their own, which, connected to the reactive brown colour, discloses a cosy sensation.


Gloomy stands out for its elegance, sophistication and sense of enigma. Its matt black glaze conveys modernity, which, linked to the reactive-brown, connects us to nature, to the origins of your meal’s ingredients.


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