Costa Verde na Corporate Wellbeing Conference

Costa Verde took part in Corporate Wellbeing Conference’s last edition, organized by RM Consulting and Lean Today, at which time it had the opportunity to share its experience regarding the reality experienced across the labour sector. Difficulties in retaining talent were discussed, as well as the rotation and the growing number of foreign citizens working for companies. Recruitment was also another issue addressed, as well as the shortage of workforce.

Issues, such as the balance between personal and professional life, between the individual and the company, were also at the centre of discussion and action. We are increasingly moving towards the concept of humanisation within organisations. There is, nowadays, a greater insight into the impact of people on the performance of organisations and of organisations on people’s enjoyment of life. Corporate or business wellbeing is, increasingly, becoming a reality shared and experienced by a growing number of organisations, which have already understood the potential for growth and progress, offered by this way of being in life and in business.

Costa Verde’s commitment towards social accountability is the pinnacle for  a number of concerns, both on an environmental and social level, which directly or indirectly interfere with people’s daily lives. Certified by the SA 8000 standard and subscribing, since 2015, to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, it is committed to accepting, supporting and applying its fundamental values, regarding human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption, while also being in line with the Green Economy, the reporting of non-financial information and the Sustainable Goals Alliance.

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