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Community of Success across the Restaurants’ Sector, by O Gerente

In the dynamic restaurant’s scene, it is crucial for restaurant owners to connect and share experiences fostering innovation and growth. The 3rd edition of Manager’s Day, held last April in Lisbon, proved to be an inspiring event on management and marketing for restaurants, thus reinforcing the importance of a close-knit community where sharing experiences, pains and successes is the central pillar.

The philosophy of Manager’s Day is based on providing a space for restaurant owners to grow and train, as well as strengthening a community that only knows each other online. The community spirit that has been built up over the various editions, a community where restaurant owners don’t see each other as competitors, but as partners in sharing experiences and overcoming common challenges. The exchange of ideas, strategies and knowledge has allowed each restaurant to grow and adapt itself to the constant changes in the market, while creating an environment of collaboration and innovation.

It should be noted that Manager’s Day offers a diversified programme, which includes talks and debates on a wide range of topics, always related to the restaurants’ industry. Participants discuss innovative management strategies and tackle topics such as digital marketing, optimising operations, team management, differentiating experiences across service and cuisine, innovation and sustainability, while demonstrating their importance to the sector’s growth.

Costa Verde, a leading porcelain supplier to the hostelry industry, also shares the values of innovation and sustainability which, as already mentioned, are always central themes in all editions of Manager’s Day. By combining innovation and sustainability, Costa Verde plays a crucial role in the restaurants’ sector, providing solutions that reflect modern trends in the sector. The combination of quality, design and environmental responsibility enables restaurants to differentiate themselves in the market, while offering unique and memorable experiences to their customers.

Manager’s Day will continue being a crucial event for uniting the community of restaurant managers and owners, thus providing a space for sharing successes and challenges, as well as strengthening collaboration.

Hélder Santos and Sérgio Araújo are restaurant consultants who apply a step-by-step method that has a major impact on restaurant growth.

Linked to the area for 20 years and working at Gerente together since 2021, through online or face-to-face support, they apply methods of financial management, team management and marketing, guaranteed to transform any restaurant concept.

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