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Porcelain colour trends for the summer of 2023

Porcelain colour trends for the summer of 2023

The porcelain colour trends for summer 2023, bring vibrant and cheerful colours, ideal to match the hottest season of the year.

The first trend, which promises to be very present in the porcelain collections for summer 2023, is the use of pastel shades. These softer colours, such as pink, blue and aqua green, bring a feeling of lightness and tranquillity, ideal characteristics for meals on hot days. These colours bring the delicateness and tranquillity that every moment at the table asks for. Check out our Joyful, Flirty and Hopeful’s collections.

Another strong trend are the bright and vibrant colours, which bring a contagious energy to the decoration and the whole environment. Red, orange and yellow are some of the options for those who wish to invest in bolder and impactful pieces. These are the ideal colours for those who want to create a cheerful and fun table, perfect for gathering friends and family on summer afternoons. Check out our Rústico collection.

The third trend is the use of earthy tones, such as brown, beige and terracotta. These colours are more discrete, but bring a rustic elegance to the decoration. They are suitable for those who want a more sober table, but without giving up sophistication. See the Mature and Neutral collections.

Finally, the fourth trend is the use of metallic colours, such as gold and copper. These colours carry the power of enveloping the environment in refinement and are ideal for more formal events. The use of these colours is quite versatile, combining both with light and pastel tones and with vibrant colours.

Besides the colours, special attention should also be paid to the design and quality of the porcelain chosen. Choose durable pieces.

The porcelain colour trends for summer 2023 bring on tasteful and stylish options for all, so that you can share unforgettable moments at the table, in a relaxed and elegant way.

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