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High Season’s Preparation with TH2!

High Season’s Preparation with TH2!

High Season’s Preparation with TH2.

And we already know how it goes: the summer months arrive and the lodgings fill up with all kinds of clients and markets. Some more demanding, others more permissive, oscillating between those who buy all the services from the hotels and those who consume bar and little more. Whether a lot or a little, it is certain and well known that it is a time that demands a lot of workload, availability and, above all, preparation.

But, although it is predictable, not all hotel management got it all figured out, when the time comes to opening doors for the high season. Therefore, we are sharing 5 key points that you should prepare now, while it is low season, to be better prepared for the high demanding season:

1) Interns: As well as being a valuable help, they are potentially future employees, who take part in that “trial mode”. Ensure an internship plan for your venture, which should contain a proper expectations’ management, with a good motivational share: training, preparation, showcasing and involvement are indispensable.

2) Services: Not forgetting the general maintenance of the buildings and their surroundings, there should be a planning of activities and services. Which services were mostly requested in your accommodation during the same period last year? Which services and items best contribute towards the good reputation of your accommodation? Reopening the restaurant or the poolside snack bar? Have a temporary outdoor swimming pool or sauna (yes, it is possible)? Those that are appreciated by their guests, even if they are just details and adds-on, such as the welcome message, the special turn down service, those differentiating activities (such as story time, cinema sessions, morning jogging, meditation sessions, etc.). Above all, make sure that the last thing you hand up to your customers, as they check out, is not only the invoice for their holiday, but something else.

3) Stocks & Performance: Get your inventory count. From the towels, to the amenities, plates and everything else you need to be prepared for, because consistency is determinant for the credibility of any company. Avoid failing to deliver what the customer craves (and often what keeps him coming back). Is the chef the same? Does the bartender know how to produce the cocktails which have generated so many “likes” on Instagram? Are they aware of the transport and delivery crises that can generate unexpected delays? Do you know that what you serve and what you buy are a reflection of your organisational structure, in terms of sustainability and character?

4) Reviews: They are not only ways to figure out what to change and improve, but also one of the most important ways to communicate and reach a customer. Respond, with enthusiasm, to your customers’ appreciations. After all, the customer has praised you and that deserves a sense of gratitude and work. Your guest’s experience (for those who have stayed and those to come) does not end when they leave. Keep in touch with your guest, reinforce your appreciation on the privilege you had in welcoming and serving them.

5) Website: Have total control: reservations, information, gallery, blog, pop-ups, positioning, keywords, etc. Many online booking channels are authentic hypermarkets of rooms, without major differentiation. These channels work as a “hotel search engine”, leading the client to visit its website, before making a decision about the booking. It is on your website that all promotions and booking opportunities should reside, being this the number one communication channel: streamlined checkout, overnight guests’ reserved area, information, service scheduling, etc.

All hotel structures have different demand and management levels. No two accommodations are the same, even if in perfect competition. And, therefore, identifying the limitations of the destination, the organisation and the resort, itself, will dictate the type of preparation required, so that during your resort’s most troubled period of operation, you will be up and running at full speed.


High Season’s Preparation with TH2!

“Once upon a time there was a company made up of a passion for charming hotels, an obsession with hospitality and a focus on service. We form teams, launch projects, audit departments. T for Tourism. H for Hospitality and 2 to square projects, boost them and optimize them. This is the constant challenge of this company founded in 2007 by me, dreamer of its name Catarina Varão.” – TH2


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