For the second consecutive year, Costa Verde has been distinguished by CHEP with the Sustainability Certificate, following the utilization of the pooling system, which allowed a more efficient and sustainable use of natural resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

CHEP’s business model is based on the concept of “Sharing and Reuse,” through the rental of pallets that, unable to be purchased, will be made available to new customers after their use. Thus, products are loaded, dispatched, and transported throughout the supply chain. At the end of the chain, when the pallets are empty at the distributors, they are returned to CHEP Service Centers and reused. This is a simpler and more sustainable system that ensures a circular economy, with numerous benefits for society.

Costa Verde, certified since 2003 by ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, maintains its ethical and social commitment to environmental preservation, actively contributing to its preservation.

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