Costa Verde participated in the HiSeedTech Associates Meeting 2023, which took place at the Fundação Dr. Cupertino de Miranda, in Porto.

The agenda included an opening ceremony led by the President Eng. Mario Freire and the General Director Eng. Pedro Vilarinho, which was followed by a lecture led by Eng. Antonio Murta, Managing Partner at Pathena, who addressed the topic “People vs Artificial Intelligence”.

Costa Verde is a founding partner of HiSeedTech, a non-profit association founded by private companies that came together with the purpose of enabling the creation of value from knowledge through technological entrepreneurship and innovation.

With the vision of becoming a world leader in creating value from knowledge through technological entrepreneurship and open innovation, its mission is to accelerate economic development through the valorization of knowledge, facilitating connections between creators, users and facilitators of innovation technological.

With currently 20 members, it has the participation of companies from different sectors, such as Efapel, Lameirinho, PWC, Renova and Semapa.

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