Costa Verde was invited to take part in the CITECH-Boost project, by being present at the International Conferences, during which solutions focused on innovation processes and the future of organizations were presented.

Innovation, best practices and the major obstacles or resistance to a culture of innovation, were some of the topics under debate, as well as the main challenges to be faced by the Ceramics and Glaze sectors.

CITECH-Boost is a training programme for companies and entrepreneurs, aimed at generating and accelerating innovative ideas and solutions, through the cooperation between the participating entities and inter-sector synergies, which is aimed at large companies and industrial-based SMEs, as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs, with innovative solutions for the Housing and Construction sectors.

New manufacturing technologies, materials, automation and robotics, sustainability, energy efficiency and circular economy, process optimization, AI, digital tools and eco-design are the themes to be addressed.

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