Costa Verde had a notable presence at the latest edition of the Interdecoração fair, which took place from February 22nd to 25th in Porto. 

At the invitation of designer Carla Magalhães, Costa Verde showcased its latest collection, Foggy, Sandy and Groundy, known for its discreet and unique elegance, in an exhibition that highlighted table art and floral design. Carla Magalhães, who started her career in 2000 in Brazil and has been in Portugal since 2016, also in an academy format, was responsible for the invitation. Self-described as “Cerimonialista,” Carla has always been passionate about flowers and has pursued training in table art and floral design throughout her career, including in England, Spain, and France.

Costa Verde extends its gratitude for the invitation and congratulates Carla Magalhães on the initiative.

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