The Luís Figo Foundation, in partnership with Costa Verde, Dentsu Creative and the illustrator André Letria, is launching a Solidarity Campaign with a collection of unique items designed to improve the eating habits of young people. This is an urgent cause in a country whose childhood obesity rate ranks among the top in Europe. To this end, a set of pieces has been developed that bring well-known proverbs to the table in a fun way, encouraging good choices for each meal and reinforcing good eating practices. With a unit cost of €5, the amount raised from the sale of the 750 pieces available will go entirely towards the purchase of healthy food baskets that will be delivered to families accompanied by the Cova do Mar Association, a non-profit organisation in Trafaria that develops, among other things, social support projects for families from excluded communities, victims of public disasters, migrants, refugees or in similar situations. Check out the collection here!

Costa Verde is a SA8000 – Social Responsibility certified company, reflecting the awareness of a set of concerns, both environmental and social, which directly or indirectly interfere with people’s daily lives. Since its decisions and initiatives always take into account the community in which it operates and the environment in which it operates, Costa Verde assumes its social responsibilities, taking into account respect for human rights, environmental protection, compliance with social standards, respect for ethical values and investment in the personal development of its employees.

The Luís Figo Foundation, a non-profit foundation, was set up in March 2003. Its work is based on implementing initiatives and projects designed to help improve living conditions and create development opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people, in areas as diverse as health, education, sport and social integration. The Foundation establishes partnerships with private civil society organisations and government bodies to implement the projects it sets out to help. At the same time, it organises media and international events aimed at raising funds for its own and sponsored projects. Luís Figo is the founder and face of the Foundation that bears his name.

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