We are very pleased to announce that, on last February 13th, Costa Verde was awarded the status of founding member of the ISCA Corporate Network by the Instituto Superior De Contabilidade e Administração da Universidade de Aveiro (ISCA-UA). This is a new project of the Institute which aims at formalizing a network of ISCA-UA partner entities. The transmission of technology and knowledge across the areas of teaching, research, internships and other projects, as well as the development of synergies amongst the entities themselves, in themes and subjects in the ISCA-UA intervention areas, constitute the main goals of this network. This network is made up of 51 partners, thus marking the 51st anniversary of the Institute.

We congratulate ISCA-UA for reopening to the academic community, and for this truly promising network.

For more information: https://www.ua.pt/en/news/11/79942